Effective Animal Repeller

About ultraSon Animal Repeller​

ultraSon is maintenance-free. A high-quality product made in South Germany.

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How It works

It works in three simple steps highlighted below


ultraSon produces audible and inaudible burst of sounds that are emitted by special loudspeakers. The frequency range is 2-30 kHz which results in a correspondingly widespread impact.  


ultraSon does not just temporarily scare off animals. It banishes them permanently.


ultraSon sound is painful. This unbearable continuous high-frequency sound expels the animals from their nests and feeding areas. They feel disturbed in the whole area you want to protect and avoid this area. They leave permanently.

Unique Features

Keep Unwanted Animals Away

Duranom Solar Animal Repeller  Features Motion Sensor, HOSTILE flashing LED lights, and Radiant-Blasting ultra-powerful ultrasonic sounds that drive away unwanted Animals

Solar Powered, No Battery Required

CE certified animal repellent ultrasonic outdoor system contains 3x powerful Ni-MH AA 800 rechargeable batteries

Human Safe & Environmentally Friendly

Doesn’t Require the use of chemicals or pesticides – Drives Pest Away 100% Naturally

Pest Free
  • Try this risk-free & discover how efficiently this powerful ADVANCED ultrasonic repellent, even scare snakes away, sending the most aggressive animals fleeing toward safety

ultraSon Type 650

    • • 8 programs and 6 different time periods individually


    • •  Integrated battery powered clock
    • •  Illuminated LCD-Display with easy to use press
    •    buttons
    • •  Indicators for battery power, frequency and time

ultraSon Solar Unit Type 652

Solar module with 10 Wp.

The integrated rechargeable battery can operate 5 – 14 days without sun depending on the frequency of sound signals and number of external loudspeakers.

ultraSon Single Loudspeaker Type 656

ultraSon Triple Loudspeaker Type 655

Application Areas.



Parking Lots


Train Stations






Solar Parks

Hotels & Resorts

Sport Facilities

Waste Disposal Dump

Clarification Plant


Fish Farms


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